Client Interfaces

I. Client Interfaces

This part of the manual is the description of the client-side programming interfaces and support libraries for various languages.

Table of Contents
1. libpq - C Library
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Database Connection Functions
1.3. Command Execution Functions
1.4. Asynchronous Query Processing
1.5. The Fast-Path Interface
1.6. Asynchronous Notification
1.7. Functions Associated with the COPY Command
1.8. libpq Tracing Functions
1.9. libpq Control Functions
1.10. Environment Variables
1.11. Files
1.12. Threading Behavior
1.13. Building Libpq Programs
1.14. Example Programs
2. Large Objects
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Implementation Features
2.3. Interfaces
2.4. Server-side Built-in Functions
2.5. Accessing Large Objects from Libpq
3. pgtcl - Tcl Binding Library
3.1. Introduction
3.2. Loading pgtcl into your application
3.3. pgtcl Command Reference Information
4. ECPG - Embedded SQL in C
4.1. The Concept
4.2. Connecting to the Database Server
4.3. Closing a Connection
4.4. Running SQL Commands
4.5. Passing Data
4.6. Error Handling
4.7. Including Files
4.8. Processing Embedded SQL Programs
4.9. Library Functions
4.10. Porting From Other RDBMS Packages
4.11. For the Developer
5. JDBC Interface
5.1. Setting up the JDBC Driver
5.2. Using the Driver
5.3. Issuing a Query and Processing the Result
5.4. Performing Updates
5.5. Creating and Modifying Database Objects
5.6. Storing Binary Data
5.7. PostgreSQL Extensions to the JDBC API
5.8. Using the driver in a multithreaded or a servlet environment
5.9. Connection Pools And DataSources
5.10. Further Reading
6. PyGreSQL - Python Interface
6.1. The pg Module
6.2. pg Module Functions
6.3. Connection Object: pgobject
6.4. Database Wrapper Class: DB
6.5. Query Result Object: pgqueryobject
6.6. Large Object: pglarge
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